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Notes for authors  (Download)

„Mycologia Bavarica“ publishes original works on the taxonomy, systematics, morphology, anatomy, ecology, distribution, and phenology of fungi. The main emphasis, though not exclusive, is to be given to the Bavarian funga.

The manuscripts submitted will be checked by the editors and possibly passed on to other qualified reviewers for assessment. The editors will advise authors of acceptance or rejection of their articles and, where appropriate, of any changes required. Authors have no legal claim to publication. Articles may be written in German or English. It is required that the texts are grammatically and stylistically sound. The editor can be of assistance in producing summaries in German where required. The method of quoting scientific names, authors and specialist literature is to be taken from the examples in the present volume.

The following layout is required for the headers: English (German) title – name(s) of author(s) (addresses as foot note) – German (English) title – English keywords – English summary – German summary.

The following structure is recommended for the body text: introduction – material & methods – results (e. g., including macroscopic and microscopic descriptions) – discussion – expression of thanks – references.

References of authors and photographers should be indicated as small caps – e.g. Singer (1976). Taxa on the rank of genus or below are to be indicated as italics – e.g. Agaricus, Boletus edulis. – taxa of higher rank are not to be highlighted due to different fonts, Measurements (e.g. of spores) are to be layouted as (8-) 9-12,3-14,5 (-15,5) x 4,5-6,4-8 (-9) µm (mean values underlined) or to be stated as mean value combined with calculated confidence intervals.

Manuscripts are to be submitted as one hardcopy plus electronic data media (CD, USBStick) or by e-mail. The text files are to be in MS Word, or OpenOffice document format. Authors will receive a pdf document via e-mail, which they are requested to proofread carefully and return soon.

Illustrations (b/w drawings or colour photographs) are very welcome, but the editor cannot guarantee publication of colour photographs in each case. Drawings are to be done in black ink on white card or transparent paper. The scale is to be indicated in each case. Illustrations are to be submitted as high-resolution digital data (at least 300 dpi for colour photographs and 800 dpi for b/w drawings), slides or sharp, glossy prints. Drawings and colour plates are to be numbered consecutively (Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc.) and have captions.

The first author will receive a pdf of the published paper(s) and additionally one free copy of the entire issue.

Samples of the collections published in the essays should be deposited in a public herbarium such as the State Botanical Collection Munich (M).

Until further notice „Mycologia Bavarica“ is to be published once a year, subject to change.

Manuscripts are to be submitted to: Dr. Christoph Hahn, Grottenstr. 17, D-82291 Mammendorf, or to: Josef Christan, Wiesbachhornstraße 8, D-81825 München;